Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Vantage Desktop Pro?

A. Vantage Desktop Pro is a cloud-based Business Management System designed to help sales teams, contractors, freelancers, and small business operators organize contacts, invoices, and marketing tasks.

Q. How do I create a free account?

A. If you are currently logged into the Demo account, click "Log Off" in the floating menu and click the "Create Account" button at the bottom of the login form.

Q. How do I remove the text in the margins when I print envelopes or invoices?

A. You can change this behavior and other printing behavior in your browser's print dialog box. You may have to choose "show more" to show all options.

How do I save an invoice as a PDF.

A.Mac: Click the "Print" button at the top left of any invoice and choose "PDF", then "Save PDF" in the bottom left corner of the print dialog box. You can remove page information from the margins by changing the settings in your browser's print dialog box.
PC: Download and install win2PDF or cutePDF and follow the installation instructions. After you install, you can choose to print to PDF from your browser's print dialog box. You can remove page information from the margins by changing the settings in your browser's print dialog box.

Q. I currently use Outlook or Excel for contact Management, why should I switch?

A. Vantage Desktop Pro is much easier to use, less cluttered and allows for quicker access to contact information and notes. You can also use Vantage Desktop Pro for mass marketing.

Q. Does Vantage Desktop Pro have a calendar?

A. Vantage Desktop Pro is strictly for managing your contacts, interactions, and leads. Almost every computer already has a calendar application and we encourage you to continue using it.

Q. Does Vantage Desktop Pro have reminders with alerts? 

A. Vantage Desktop Pro has a large note pad that is always visible, so your notes and to-do items will always be right in front of you. Because it’s always visible, heavy users will find the global notepad replaces the need for alerts. You may also continue using your existing reminds/alerts application if that works better for you.

Q. I have thousands of contacts in Excel or Outlook. Can you import them?

A. Paying subscribers may have data imported. Simply export your contacts from your current application using the built in export menu. We prefer to have data sent in CSV (coma separated value) format. Use the "Contact" menu to request an import.

Q. Can I import invoices?

A. Vantage Desktop Pro uses a complex data structure to store invoices. You must enter invoices manually.

Q. If I decide to switch back to my current system, how do I get my data back?

A. Your data will be delivered via a CSV (Excel) file immediately upon your request, which can be imported into almost any system. All backups and accounts will be permanently deleted if requested.

Q. Do I have to worry about using Vantage Desktop Pro over public wifi?

A. No. Vantage Desktop Pro uses the same encryption as the major banks. All data moving through the air is protected using 128 bit encryption.

Q. Your help menu refers to a “Contacts Pad”. What is that?

A. To carry on the metaphor of a desktop. A pad is like a notepad on your desktop. Contacts, Invoices, Notes, and account information are all on separate pads indicated by a lighter background than the overall application.

Q. How do I Unsubscribe?

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